Iconic pondering maker since 2004

Aepenton was founded in 2004 in Denmark and was called Flowmarket from 2004-2023.

We made Aepenton because we want to contribute to making the world a kinder place through personal and relational growth. We create thought-awakening sculptures and products for reflection, quality of life improvement and deeper connections.

We combine a sculptural aesthetic with layered pondering and understated humour to create iconic luxe quality products for personal and relational growth.

The intangible made tangible

The design of our unique sculptures 'Bottled pondering' and 'Capsuled pondering' have been designed in such an iconic way that they become a universal visual language in themselves. These iconic and timeless designs has enabled us to adress both lighthearted aswell as complex matters in a way that  succesfully cross cultural boundaries. So far we have been showcased in Copenhagen, Zurich, New York, Taipei, Shanghai, Singapore and Seoul.

Luxe sculptural timelessness

We sell our products worldwide from our online store and via selected partners. We carefully select our partners that match our passion for sculptural design/architecture and timeless luxe quality. Curently we are collaborating with and selling our products via Design Museum Denmark (DK), New Mags (DK) and Peoplehood (US).

The next step for Aepenton is expanding in 2024 into a next generation luxury lifestyle brand with the product categories: Apparel, Living, Wellness & Pondering. Serving customer's multifacetted needs and creating luxe products we have been unable to find in the market ourselves.